Solve distributed app errors and bottlenecks with one platform for dev and ops.
Drill down from services to traces, view specific requests, and gain context with OpenTelemetry-based traces correlated with logs and metrics.

Reduce MTTR by 90%


Get alerted on high latency database queries,
erroneous API calls, failed async message handling,
or serverless function invocation.


See your entire app flow and the specific trace
causing the error. Drill down to any error or operation
based on its specific characteristics. 


Get to the bottom of every issue with granular data
collected for every operation in your system.  

Built with dev in mind

Connect Helios to your existing tools and workflows like GitHub, Slack,
PagerDuty, and more so you can see everything in one place.

Monitor APIs, not infrastructure

Get a dynamic API catalog, and auto-generated API
specs for all HTTP interactions, based on actual API
traffic from your application.

No vendor lock
Based on OpenTelemtry (OTel), an open-source project that has become the industry standard for collecting data from distributed applications. If you ever decide to send your data elsewhere,  you can simply replace the Helios collector with the OTel collector and move on.

Install in minutes

  1. Add the Helios
    OpenTelemetry-based SDK to your project’s root directory
  2. Define a few environment
  3. See your app like never before

Solve errors and bottlenecks
in minutes

Helios is compliant with: