Take control of
your cloud native applications

Helios gives you the power to understand, troubleshoot, and test all your applications and services. So you can deliver production-ready code faster — and with more confidence.

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Distributed architecture lights up the way to
flexible, scalable, and reliable systems

But actually building it feels like developing in the dark

Well, we felt the same way.
And that’s exactly why we built Helios.

Wave goodbye to wondering what
happens and why things break

Helios leverages the power of OpenTelemetry to make distributed tracing data actionable for you, already in your local and staging environments. So you can quickly identify and reproduce issues, generate complex tests, and unlock new insights into your product — before you push it to production.


One single dev tool. The whole
picture of your system.

See exactly how data flows through your entire application at a glance with Helios’ interactive trace visualization.


Find issues. Fix them.
Forget about them. Fast.

Easily investigate, reproduce, and resolve issues in your application before it’s deployed in production with a powerful troubleshooting tool.


Save tons of dev time with deeper, more powerful tests.

Leverage the power of distributed tracing to easily validate previously tedious-to-test asynchronous operations in your system.

Set up Helios in seconds

Start shortening your development cycle with only
one line of integration code.

“It’s like Night and Day”

For developers using Helios, the difference is clear.

Helios integrates with all the tools in your workflow

Accelerate your development
with actionable telemetry data

Get the observability, debugging, and testing capabilities you need to finally take control of your application.
So you can confidently ship cloud native code at high velocity, with Helios.

Helios is compliant with: