The fastest way to troubleshoot and test your distributed applications

Investigate issues, reproduce scenarios, and generate tests for your cloud-native applications faster
with actionable data across your microservices, messaging systems, data pipelines, and databases.

Find and fix complex issues faster than ever

Helios is built on OpenTelemetry making distributed tracing data actionable for you, as early as your local environment. It integrates with your existing logging, error monitoring, and CI, so you can get a full picture of every issue and fix it fast.


Get a full dynamic view of your system.

Helios provides an integrated E2E view of your system across microservices, serverless functions, databases, and 3rd party APIs.



Everything you need for cloud-native debugging.

Helios gathers traces, payloads, logs, metrics, and errors to help you fix issues faster than ever.


Generate E2E test code to validate complex backend behaviors in minutes.

Take advantage of distributed tracing to easily validate previously tedious-to-test asynchronous operations in your system.

Integrates with your stack and workflow

Set up Helios in minutes

Get started in minutes. No code changes required.

Increase your dev velocity
with actionable telemetry data

Helios is compliant with: