How to adopt distributed tracing without compromising data privacy

Adopting distributed tracing while meeting privacy guidelines

Engineering teams can both drive productivity and comply with their company’s privacy policy when introducing distributed tracing into their tech stack to gain observability over microservices.   The age-old dilemma of privacy and security vs. productivity pops up for developers every time they consider introducing a new technology to their stack. The dilemma is often […]

Evaluating distributed tracing tools: A guide

A guide to evaluating distributed tracing tools - Helios

Integrating distributed tracing into an application has become one of the top initiatives of modern development teams. Here is a framework for how to think about, and evaluate, tracing solutions and their key capabilities.   Adopting a distributed tracing solution to make an application more observable and maintainable is one of the most common key […]

Jaeger distributed tracing: Advanced visibility into your app flows

Distributed tracing visualization - Get advanced visibility into your app flows using Jaeger tracing

Helios’ OpenTelemetry trace visualization tool provides visibility like never before into how data flows through your entire application, across any environment. Use it for free with any of your traces from Jaeger.   OpenTelemetry (OTel) and advanced distributed tracing solutions can be handy tools when you’re a developer facing what we call app flow blindness […]