Helping Go teams implement OpenTelemetry: A new approach


Developers can instrument their Go applications quickly and easily using Helios OpenTelemetry (OTel), the emerging industry standard for application observability and distributed tracing across cloud-native and distributed architectures, is becoming an essential tool for Go developers. However, implementing OTel with Go to send data to observability platforms is hardly a straightforward process. At Helios, we’re […]

Unlock the power of OpenTelemetry and Helios through the OTel community demo


Developers can now experience hands-on the combined value of OTel and Helios when building distributed applications with this OTel community demo   OpenTelemetry (OTel), the emerging industry standard for collecting observability data, recently announced the GA of its demo application – and this is good news for distributed tracing fans. Developers can now get a […]

Why APM distributed tracing is not enough for developers


What is Distributed Tracing? Distributed tracing is a method of tracking requests as they propagate through a distributed system. A trace is built from spans. Each span represents an interaction, like an HTTP request, a DB query, a serverless function invocation, etc. A trace is essentially a tree of spans. Based on the collected span […]

Observability – for your test runs too


When testing distributed applications, logs and traces generated from microservices are often not available, leaving developers in the dark. Here’s how test instrumentation with OpenTelemetry helps solve this challenge.   “Cloud native” – working in distributed systems using microservices and DevOps – has promised a lot, and indeed delivered a lot. Among the biggest benefits, […]