Helios is now part of Snyk! Read the full announcement here.







Helios is now part of Snyk!

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We are thrilled to announce that Snyk has acquired Helios!

It’s been quite an amazing, bumpy, yet satisfying journey – and we’re delighted to join Snyk, the market leader in developer security. As part of Snyk, we’ll be able to deliver our product, technology, and vision into the hands of thousands of customers and millions of users. By acquiring Helios, Snyk maintains its innovative leadership position in the AppSec space, becoming the first major player to incorporate runtime insights natively into its platform, further enhancing its market-leading ASPM offering – Snyk AppRisk.

Our Journey

We embarked on this journey two and a half years ago, on a mission to build a new type of observability product, tailored to the needs of developers. We continuously evolved, adding more and more technologies, data sources, and concepts to our stack, and built a best-of-breed product that developers loved. Throughout our path we never stopped listening to the market; we spotted a great opportunity to leverage our technology and expertise in the AppSec domain, where we identified a growing customer need for using runtime insights to manage and scale application security programs.

With the tailwind of our supportive investors and the adaptability and dedication of our amazing team, we expanded our offering to the security domain. We started pursuing partnerships with various AppSec players to accelerate our GTM efforts. We soon realized that Helios and Snyk share a mutual vision and DNA and that this is a classic “better together” story. 

Snyk will harness Helios’ expertise in runtime collection techniques and extensive experience in complex customer deployment environments. This strategic utilization enhances asset discovery, issue identification, and risk prioritization, ultimately fostering greater success for Snyk’s customers.

The Path Ahead

We’re super excited about the path ahead – realizing our vision of providing crucial runtime context that was missing from the application security space for so many years. We’ll become Snyk’s strategic presence in the runtime – gathering runtime insights using every technique possible, providing better application discovery and risk-based prioritization. Additionally, this sets the groundwork for extending Snyk’s developer security platform into diverse areas and substantially strengthening its partner ecosystem. Our commitment lies in bringing our technology and product to a wide array of AppSec and development teams, and Snyk stands out as the ideal platform for achieving that goal.

Our Gratitude

First and foremost – we would like to thank our amazing team. Your hard work, commitment, and tenacity have brought us to where we are today. This is an amazing milestone, and we are proud to be surrounded by such a talented group of people.

Our customers – thank you for sharing this journey with us and believing in our product and vision. Your feedback and trust have been instrumental to our success. We’ve learned so much from you and will continue to do so from our new home. 

Last but not least, our investors and advisors – we could not have asked for better guidance or support. Apparently, it also takes a village to build a company, grow it, and eventually be acquired. We were fortunate to join forces with you, and we couldn’t be more proud of the road we’ve paved together. I’m confident our paths will cross again in the future.

Onwards and upwards,

Ran and Eli


You can also read further details in the blog post from Snyk here.

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About Helios

Helios is an applied observability platform that produces actionable security and monitoring insights. We apply our deep runtime data collection capabilities to help Sec, Dev, and Ops teams understand the actual application risk posture, prioritize vulnerabilities, shorten troubleshooting time, and reduce MTTR.

The Author

Eli Cohen
Eli Cohen

CEO and co-founder of Helios. Eli is an experienced R&D leader on a mission to make developers' lives easier. Before co-founding Helios, a production-readiness platform for developers, Eli served as Director of Engineering, Product Manager, and Engineering Team Leader at a variety of successful startups. Eli is an alumnus of the elite Israeli intelligence unit 8200, and he holds both a B.Sc. in Computer Science and an MBA from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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