A better developer experience: Applying observability to 3rd-party integrations

Third-party integrations can be tedious because of lack of visibility into behind-the-scenes processes. Helios provides insights to help you identify errors fast, making development more efficient.   Third-party integrations are inevitable in development. Some functionality is outsourced as there is no need to develop something in-house that’s already working, while some integrations are performed to […]

Unlock the power of OpenTelemetry and Helios through the OTel community demo

Developers can now experience hands-on the combined value of OTel and Helios when building distributed applications   OpenTelemetry (OTel), the emerging industry standard for collecting observability data, recently announced the GA of its demo application – and this is good news for distributed tracing fans. Developers can now get a good glimpse of the value […]

Replaying flows and troubleshooting issues in mobile app development using OpenTelemetry

Helios provides visibility into E2E iOS and Android app flows, so developers can solve issues quickly and easily   iOS and Android apps are often a common component of distributed applications, forming a key part of the software architecture. These mobile apps provide another way to access data and perform actions on various services, requiring […]

Configuring Fargate custom application metrics in CloudWatch using Prometheus

A step-by-step guide for adding Prometheus-based metrics to your ECS Fargate application   Over the past few months, Helios has experienced rapid growth resulting in our user base increasing, our services multiplying, and our system ingesting more data. Like all tech companies that need to scale, we wanted to avoid our performance becoming sluggish over […]