How Novacy Shortened Troubleshooting Time by 90% with Helios

When I first met Uria Franko, the CTO of Novacy, I immediately knew we’d hit it off. He was looking for an observability solution for his team with a specific need around Celery, after they had been using logs but found they lacked the depth and granularity they needed. Luckily, our mission at Helios is […]

How we slashed detection and resolution time in half (Salt Security)

Salt security Helios case study

Salt Security had deployed OpenTelemetry but found it insufficient. So the company engineers evaluated Helios, which visualizes distributed tracing for fast troubleshooting. My role as the Director of Platform Engineering at Salt Security lets me pursue my passion for cloud-native tech and for solving difficult system-design challenges. One of the recent challenges we solved had to […]