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Helios vs. Jaeger

Your tracing is only as good as the
data collected

With breadth and depth of data collection unmatched by any other vendor, Helios offers best-of-breed trace visualization capabilities and seamless integration. We contribute to OpenTelemetry, ensuring that our platform remains at the forefront of industry standards. And if you ever decide to send your data elsewhere, you can replace the Helios collector with the OpenTelemetry collector, so there is no vendor-lock concern.


Feature / Vendor

Monitoring and observability 

End-to-end trace visualization graph Great Basic, no data
Ability to collect Lambda events Great Manual
Ability to collect messages from queues
(Kafka, Rabbit, etc.)
Great Manual
Transport methods
(gRPC / Kafka / RabbitMQ)
Great Partial
API Catalog Great Not supported
Ability to collect HTTP payloads Great Manual
Jaeger-style timeline Supported Supported
Filtering Supported Not supported
Service Map Supported Not supported


Access a distributed trace directly from the logs for full context Supported Not supported
Sentry & Airbrake integration Supported Not supported
Replay flow configuration capabilities Supported Not supported
Access a distributed trace directly from each test run Supported Not supported


Auto-instrumentation No agent or code changes required Requires an agent and code changes

OpenTelemetry expertise

Ability to support non-standard cases Great Requires OpenTelemetry expertise


Instrumentation of existing tests Supported Not supported
Trace-based testing Supported Not supported

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