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Our free tier allows you to get a good glimpse of Helios capabilities. In the first month, you get to play with Helios at an enterprise-size plan of 100M spans. After that, the free tier continues indefinitely with a limited scale of 5 million spans per month. No credit card is required.

No. You’ll always get the same capabilities. The only difference is the amount of data and its retention.

A span is the basic unit of a trace, which represents an operation – sending an HTTP request, making a DB query, handling an asynchronous event, etc. The number of spans is correlative to the value you’re getting from our product. 

Helios won’t charge you when crossing the limit – your data simply won’t be reported to our backend. We’ll also let you know when it happens, so you can contact us and either reduce the data that’s sent to us, or change your plan.

Everything you need to accelerate your development with actionable telemetry data — in one place

Get the observability, debugging, and testing capabilities you need to finally take control of your application.
So you can confidently ship cloud native code at high velocity, with Helios.

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