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Access to telemetry data is one thing
Making it actionable is everything

Getting visibility into your system is a big step forward. But with distributed tracing you get much more than that. Because it’s the tedious troubleshooting and tiresome testing that make your job so hard. Now you can put the busywork behind you, with Helios. 


Total Vision

Understand your system like never before with an interactive display of your API inventory.

Trouble-free troubleshooting

Pin-point and reproduce issues in your system with ease. Inspect errors, identify bottlenecks, and fix them for good.

Test like a pro

Generate, maintain, and customize end-to-end and components tests with ease. Set validation checkpoints for any operation.

Get all the capabilities you need
to build your services with speed

Leveraging the power of OpenTelemetry, Helios does more than giving you access to distributed tracing data — it makes the data actionable. So you can deliver production-ready code faster, and with more confidence than ever before.


Stay on top of your traces

View each trace details, with Helios’ powerful
trace visualization capabilities.


Reproduce issues. Really quick.

Replicating the precise scenario you need in complex distributed environments used to be a puzzle. Now it’s a piece of cake.


Transform your test capabilities

Accelerate your test authoring with advanced and easy-to-use testing features. And verify your tests instantly with Helios’ automated, continuous test-validation functionality.


Getting stuck is no sweat

Build features faster with Helios’ helpful collaboration tools.


Why people love our platform

Get set up, sign in, and switch
environments — with zero stress.

One-line integration

A one-line SDK is all it takes to integrate Helios with your application.

Single Sign-on

Login to the Helios app with your Google or Github account.

Switch environments with ease

Get all the insights and data you need by moving between your local and staging environments in a click.

Stay up to date

You’ll always have our latest SDK. We’ll let you know when a new version is available.

Your data is 100% secure


Everything you need to accelerate your development with actionable telemetry data — in one place

Get the observation, debugging, and testing capabilities you need to finally take control of your application. So you can confidently ship cloud-native code at high velocity, with Helios.