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Separate the risk from the noise with runtime insights

SCA tools surface thousands of vulnerabilities, but many are not really exploitable. Users are looking for tools that can provide context, priority, and evidence that a CVE actually affects the risk posture of their application.

What does Helios do? 

We integrate with any SCA platform and enrich its findings with runtime usage insights to help filter and prioritize vulnerability alerts. 


Helios provides the full end-to-end applicative context to help analyze, mitigate, and contain vulnerabilities. 


Is the package actually deployed? Is it loaded and used? Prioritize based on the actual risk. 

Runtime SBOM

See the actual list of 3rd party dependencies that are available and used at runtime. No false positives.


We provide the following forensics:

Seamless end-user deployment

Helios is deployed using a single Kubernetes configuration update command.
Alternatively, users can deploy Helios with one click using AWS EKS add-ons.

Minimal footprint and no effect on performance

We work in the background to collect a minimal amount of data and once the data is gathered the collection stops. 

How it’s done 

We seamlessly integrate into Kubernetes clusters, leveraging various low-friction data collection techniques (at both the kernel 
and application levels) to answer the following questions:

Is the vulnerability publicly facing?

Is it deployed? 

Is it loaded? 

Is the function called?

Save time with runtime 

Teams spend too much time on false positives and manual investigations to determine the potential impact and severity of vulnerabilities.

Eliminate false positives 

Get a list of REAL vulnerabilities that are in use and reachable. 

Reduce MTTR  

Precisely identify where vulnerable packages are being used. 

Only fix what matters 

Stop wasting engineering time on fixing vulnerabilities that don’t pose a real threat.

Who we are

A team of runtime experts. We started off applying observability to monitoring and now we’re leveraging our know-how and expanding our offering to the security domain. 

We provide security teams with actionable runtime insights that significantly reduce alert fatigue by enabling real-time visibility into app behavior. 

We seamlessly integrate into Kubernetes clusters, leveraging various low-friction data collection techniques, enabling DevSecOps teams to focus on meeting security and compliance objectives.

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