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Webinar: Accelerating API Troubleshooting and Debugging

When an API call fails, you often don’t have enough data to identify the root cause of the failure. In such cases, API debugging turns into a headache.

Developers who try to fix API failures find themselves spending time looking through logs and connecting to remote machines or containers, while they could make things much easier by leveraging distributed tracing.

Distributed tracing provides visibility into the backend operations that were triggered by a failed API call, like DB queries, calls to other services and 3rd party APIs, with details about the failure itself – pointing you to the source of the issue.

Another aspect relates to the ability to automatically create and update API collections based on real traffic from the system, improving team collaboration and freeing developers up from the tedious task of building and maintaining API collections.

Watch the video and learn how to:

  • Generate parameterized Postman Collections from your existing API calls with a few clicks
  • Go from the response directly to a visualized trace with all of the necessary trace data
  • Easily search for a request based on the path, status code, or payload
  • Get instant access to testing, documentation, mocking, and monitoring of any API request

In this webinar, Ran Nozik, co-founder and CTO at Helios, and Pooja Mistry, Developer Advocate at Postman, discuss API errors’ best practices and demonstrate how to troubleshoot API fails by using Helios distributed tracing solution and Postman.

Learn more about debugging and troubleshooting with distributed tracing:

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