Microservices Debugging and troubleshooting in production – best practices

Debugging and troubleshooting microservices is a challenge… multiple APIs, scaling microservices, and endless dependencies, all contribute to the complexity.  Traditional monitoring, which was designed for the monolith, can’t answer the pain, and distributed tracing is becoming the standard.

In this coding session, Aviv Kerbel (Developer Advocate) and Yaron Dinur (Senior Software Developer) run down the tools that developers have with Helios to reproduce production issues in distributed environments.

Aviv and Yaron will show you how you can optimize microservices debugging by:

  • Visualizing a full trace (payloads, attributes, and how data flows through the systems)
  • Reproducing issues by automatically and quickly generating trigger code
  • Use the flow trigger code generated in Helios from a previous call to identify a problem inside the trace in just seconds

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